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I made the front page on Etsy  

I was at work trying to look busy and trying not to get caught being online. I refreshed the etsy beadweavers message board to see if there was anything new to read (it's one of the many windows I usually have open). I saw " Staci's on the Front page"! I couldn't believe my eyes. After quickly pulling up etsy's front page I was greeted by my James Dean Bracelet. I started to shake so much that I couldn't even type. I had to get up and go tell a co-worker but speech wasn't even possible. Finally, I got the words out, but in a very high pitched voice, I just wanted to scream and start jumping up and down (like the people you see on some of the game shows when there name is called) Excitement can't even explain the feeling I had.... So, here it is... my very first appearance on Etsy"s front page!!!

Yay, for me

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