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Tattoo Flames Bracelet ~ Etsy Beadweaver April Challenge Piece  

I made this bracelet for the EBWC, the theme is Fire and flowers.

It also helped me with the urge to get a tattoo but, I'm to scared to do it. So, this was the first thing I thought of tattoo flames. I hope you all like it, I know I had a lot of fun making it.

I'd love to hear feedback about this bracelet, I'm thinking of doing a line of tattoo inspired jewelry.

This an entry for the Etsy Beadweaver Team April Challenge. The theme is Fire and Flowers. Visit the teams blog at:

Voting begin on April 7th.

To see all the challenge entries, type in EBWC at in the Etsy search and visit the Blog.


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Everyone has one, here's mine!!!  

I feel everyone who makes handcrafted items has a crafting disaster. So, that doesn't leave me out. Last week I was trying to make a new Snapshot bracelet.

I wanted to try a new face, I decided to make May West. Having never tried to bead her before it would be a challenge, as with all the other first time patterns. Most of the time when I'm making a new face the pattern has to be adjusted as you bead, it looks better on paper than it does when beaded. So, this was no different, I must have taken it apart a least 5 times.

Finally I decided just to finish beading it and cross my finger that it would come out like the others did, "GOOD". Well, I was wrong. I don’t think you would look at this one and say, “Oh look it’s May West”, I don’t feel it looks like her.

What do you think, Does it look like her?

So, here is my crafting/beading disaster. I'm only human!!


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Here is my Handsome Boy!!  

I just wanted everybody to see my Handsome boy Oscar. I love him so much, but he is the biggest cry baby. He cries all the time, but I love him.

This is Oscar with attitude!!

When he's not crying, he's sleeping!!

Great shot, This is my desktop picture.

Just looking Handsome!!


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I am a Divapreneur!!  

I am very happy to tell everyone that I am a proud member of Divapreneur. Oh, I am so excited about this.

How this came about is, I was doing my drops for Entrecard and came across a blog called  My Chic Things and just loved the design. Then I clicked on another blog called Girly Up The Web and the same thing, I thought it was beautiful. I also kept seeing Divapreneur on both of these blogs, I was very interested in it. But, I read that you had to be invited. I looked around both blogs to see if I could find out who designed them and I found out. Elaine Biss is her name. She designed both blogs.

The next day I got in contact with her about designing a new look for my blog, new logo and a new banner for etsy. We talked about my shop,what I wanted to do for my business, what she does, I found out that she is the owner for Divapreneur. Wow, I couldn't believe it.

She asked me if I would be interested in joining Divapreneur, of course I was interested. I also hired her for the new look. This is going to be one of the best things I could have ever done.

So keep a look out for my new look in the near future. Things are happening!!!


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New Snapshot Bracelet  

I have made a new type of bracelet, Snapshot bracelet and I have renamed my other bracelets to Photo Ribbon Bracelets. I have to admit I didn't come up with either name. I asked the Etsy beadweavers team and they helped me with them.

Well, here are 2 of the NEW Snapshot bracelets. I'm working on the third, I hope to have it done today and listed in my Etsy Shop. Take a look and leave a comment on who I should make next!!

Audery Hepburn Snapshot Bracelet

Marilyn Monroe Snapshot Bracelet

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Hey, Check It Out  

Well, this is so exciting I am a features artist on eighty8words blog.

This is my first time I have been featured, and Chelsea from
eighty8words is a super nice person and has so many great ideas.

I wanted to give a big, no huge Thank You to her for all of her advise and guidance.

So Chelsea,
Thank You!!

She has a great etsy shop you should check it out


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Pink Pooch Designs had a Pup  

I am very pleased to announce that Pink Pooch Designs had a Pup,

I opened another shop, I felt that Pink Pooch Designs was not showcasing my Photo bracelets.

So, I kept the Photo Bracelets on Pink Pooch and moved all my other creations to Pink Pup Designs.

So take a look at both shops, you won't regret it.

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New Addition to my Seed Bead Photo Bracelets  

I love Princess Diana, she was so elegant. She had grace and beauty.

People Magazine says - "Ten years after her death, Diana, the Princess of Wales, remains as fascinating today as when she was the most photographed woman in the world."

I made this bracelet of Princess Diana out of Delica Seed Beads and stitched it in a peyote stitch. It's in shades of white, black, gray and silver. This Princess Diana bracelet measures 1-3/8 wide and is a 7" bracelet, it will fit a 6" wrist loose and perfect for a 6-1/2" wrist.

I love making these bracelets, I find it relaxing.

But, I need your help,
I would love suggestions of different Famous Icons. Who should I make?

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I made the front page on Etsy  

I was at work trying to look busy and trying not to get caught being online. I refreshed the etsy beadweavers message board to see if there was anything new to read (it's one of the many windows I usually have open). I saw " Staci's on the Front page"! I couldn't believe my eyes. After quickly pulling up etsy's front page I was greeted by my James Dean Bracelet. I started to shake so much that I couldn't even type. I had to get up and go tell a co-worker but speech wasn't even possible. Finally, I got the words out, but in a very high pitched voice, I just wanted to scream and start jumping up and down (like the people you see on some of the game shows when there name is called) Excitement can't even explain the feeling I had.... So, here it is... my very first appearance on Etsy"s front page!!!

Yay, for me

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Etsy Beadweaver Street Team Challenge  

This month the theme was "Stormy Weather"

Voting starts on 4/7/08, take a look at all the
AMAZING talent
and don't forget to vote go to

I'm #22 Lightning Storm - Don't feel pressured to vote for me, but I hope you do :0)

1. Our Lady of Storms DantesSpirit

2. Aurora Borealis in the Storm Season DantesSpirit

3. Storm Front hands2heal

4. Stormy Weather, Necklace and Bracelet Set TulipsTreasureBox

5. Storm Necklace nemeton

6. Ice - Peyote Cuff Bracelet totallytwisted

7. Twilight Rainstorm AmethystRavenstar

8. Gathering Storm Tiny Beaded Bottle SalamanderHouse

9. Silver Lining ThePreciousBeads

10. Black and White Rainbow AmethystRavenstar

11. Eye of the Storm Necklace triz

12. Ice Storm - Peyote Freeform Necklace totallytwisted

13. Hope in the Midst of the Storm dawnchastain

14. Storm of the Century Bracelet myfairladyvt4

15. Stormy Waters Bracelet KathysKraftyKreation

16. After the Storm Bracelet KathysKraftyKreation

17. Ocean of Storms thebeadedlily

18. Ice Cave in the Storm Necklace ThePreciousBeads

19. Storm Cloud Pin LauriDesigns

20. Storm Shadows Flower Jasper Set PFordCustomJewelry

21. Tropical Storm Beadwoven Freeform Cuff time2cre8

22. Lightning Storm PinkPoochDesigns

23. Stormy Rain Necklace lolos

24. Storm on Mars hands2heal

25. Storm at the Iceberg enchantedbeads

26. The Purple Eye of a Summer Storm enchantedbeads

27. After the Storm, Here Comes the Sun enchantedbeads

28. Stormy Cloud Freeform Necklace playnwithbeads

29. Stormy Weather Prayers Patchers7

30. Praying for Rain ThePreciousBeads

31. Stormy Spirale Rope Necklace flowercreations

32. Dragonfly After the Storm Beaded Choker dawnchastain

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