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I am a Divapreneur!!  

I am very happy to tell everyone that I am a proud member of Divapreneur. Oh, I am so excited about this.

How this came about is, I was doing my drops for Entrecard and came across a blog called  My Chic Things and just loved the design. Then I clicked on another blog called Girly Up The Web and the same thing, I thought it was beautiful. I also kept seeing Divapreneur on both of these blogs, I was very interested in it. But, I read that you had to be invited. I looked around both blogs to see if I could find out who designed them and I found out. Elaine Biss is her name. She designed both blogs.

The next day I got in contact with her about designing a new look for my blog, new logo and a new banner for etsy. We talked about my shop,what I wanted to do for my business, what she does, I found out that she is the owner for Divapreneur. Wow, I couldn't believe it.

She asked me if I would be interested in joining Divapreneur, of course I was interested. I also hired her for the new look. This is going to be one of the best things I could have ever done.

So keep a look out for my new look in the near future. Things are happening!!!


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