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Etsy Beadweaver Street Team Challenge  

This month the theme was "Stormy Weather"

Voting starts on 4/7/08, take a look at all the
AMAZING talent
and don't forget to vote go to

I'm #22 Lightning Storm - Don't feel pressured to vote for me, but I hope you do :0)

1. Our Lady of Storms DantesSpirit

2. Aurora Borealis in the Storm Season DantesSpirit

3. Storm Front hands2heal

4. Stormy Weather, Necklace and Bracelet Set TulipsTreasureBox

5. Storm Necklace nemeton

6. Ice - Peyote Cuff Bracelet totallytwisted

7. Twilight Rainstorm AmethystRavenstar

8. Gathering Storm Tiny Beaded Bottle SalamanderHouse

9. Silver Lining ThePreciousBeads

10. Black and White Rainbow AmethystRavenstar

11. Eye of the Storm Necklace triz

12. Ice Storm - Peyote Freeform Necklace totallytwisted

13. Hope in the Midst of the Storm dawnchastain

14. Storm of the Century Bracelet myfairladyvt4

15. Stormy Waters Bracelet KathysKraftyKreation

16. After the Storm Bracelet KathysKraftyKreation

17. Ocean of Storms thebeadedlily

18. Ice Cave in the Storm Necklace ThePreciousBeads

19. Storm Cloud Pin LauriDesigns

20. Storm Shadows Flower Jasper Set PFordCustomJewelry

21. Tropical Storm Beadwoven Freeform Cuff time2cre8

22. Lightning Storm PinkPoochDesigns

23. Stormy Rain Necklace lolos

24. Storm on Mars hands2heal

25. Storm at the Iceberg enchantedbeads

26. The Purple Eye of a Summer Storm enchantedbeads

27. After the Storm, Here Comes the Sun enchantedbeads

28. Stormy Cloud Freeform Necklace playnwithbeads

29. Stormy Weather Prayers Patchers7

30. Praying for Rain ThePreciousBeads

31. Stormy Spirale Rope Necklace flowercreations

32. Dragonfly After the Storm Beaded Choker dawnchastain

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