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A Couple New Patterns  

Here are a couple more patterns that I have created. I also sell the finished bracelets of these patterns.

Please click on the image to take you to the pattern or the finished bracelet!

A Second Link to This Miley Cyrus Photo Ribbon Bracelet

A second link to this Betty Boop Photo Ribbon Bracelet

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Clint Eastwood Pattern  

I created another pattern to sell. I made one of my original Photo Ribbons into a pattern. I have only made one bracelet from this pattern. It's your time to make a bracelet for yourself.

You can find this Clint Eastwood pattern in my etsy shop, Pink Pooch Designs

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Notorious Photo Ribbon Bracelet  

I have a new addition to my line of Photo Ribbon Bracelets. I absolutely LOVE this bracelet!

I was asked to make this bracelet for someone as an early birthday present for them self. I thought it was a great idea. I had the Casablanca bracelet and I loved that one also, so, why not a Notorious.

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Patterns For Sale  

In the next couple days I will be adding Patterns for sale. These patterns will be made specially for selling. I think I will be able to get this first pattern for sale by the end of the weekend. I have to finalize some of the info before I list the pattern.

I'm terrible at writing (and spelling) info about my items for sale. I was once told that because I'm artistic I don't need to have the best writing or spelling skills. I guess you can say I live by that, not by choice, I have inherited this gene. So, you can say I come by my horrendous writing and spelling skills honestly. (Just a little about me)

As of right now I will not be offering patterns of bracelets I make and sell in my Artfire and etsy shop.

The first in patterns for sale will be Joe Jonas. Here is a little tease of this pattern.

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Happy Birthday to ME!!!  

I Love my Birthday!! I always have since I was a little girl and today is no different!! I turn 41 today and love every minute of it.

Happy Birthday to me!!!

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What's in my Shop!!!  

Just a look at what's in my shop!!

Buy Handmade

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New Photo Ribbon Bracelet ~ Cary Grant  

I finally have added a New bracelet to my line of Photo Ribbon Bracelets. It's Cary Grant!! You can find more about it in my shop Pink Pooch Designs.

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Brixton Bracelet  

I had a good friend of mine ask me if I could make a bracelet of her beloved Brixton. I know how much she loved Brixton and had to make it for her! I showed her the pictures on Facebook and she loves it!

I have to say it really did turn out pretty good :O)

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Artbeads Swarovski Rivoli Crystal Vitrail Light Pendant  

I'm sooo excited, I can't even wait until I have finished to show you all. I LOVE to bezel set beads!!!!

When I received this gorgeous 14mm Swarovski Rivoli Crystal Vitrail Light, my first thought was to make a ring. I new exactly what color seed beads I was going to use!

I got so excited that I kept beading and adding more and more rows and thought that it would look nicer as a pendant. I love my last row, it's made with Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads. They are one of my all time favorite beads. is the perfect place to get the rivoli and the Bicones beads, they have a great selection of Swarovski Crystals! They supplied me with a large selection of Swarovski Crystals!

I even love the way the back of the pendant looks!! This is going to be really hard to sell this pendant!!
This is why it's not finished. I'm really slow at making a herring bone necklace. It took me a couple hours to get just 3".

Then I thought that I made the necklace to wide and started a different necklace. I think I'm going to stick the the second one I started.

I want to thank for all these amazilngly brilliant Swarovski Crystal. I can't wait to bezel set more Swarovski Crystal, I LOVE it!!!

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I entered the Use The Muse II beading Contest  

Know that the "Use the Muse II" contest is over and the Muse is reveled. I can show you what I made.

Here is "Oceanography"

My piece is inspired by the ocean! A vintage Swarovski Crystal Rivoli is added to the Muse and bezel set in the center. I connected it with a star fish like design on the back of the Muse to the bezel around the Muse, for a little more interest. The 6 circles that make up the sides of my bracelet are made with a circular brick stitch. I then placed them in a wave like pattern. One end of the clasp is a flat circle peyote stitch and the toggle end is a circular peyote tube with Swarovski Crystals.

Even thought I didn't place or win I had such a great time making it and using my imagination. In fact I enjoyed it so much I have decided to enter the "Use the Muse III" contest. I just purchased my kit and can't wait to get it and start beading away.

I have chosen not to sell my bracelet but to keep it for myself. I think I will be keeping the creation from the next "Use the Muse" contest. This is the only way I can wear my own jewelry. I never seem to find the time to make myself one of my own bracelets.

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Lampwork Beads  

Wow, it really has been a long time since I have had a new blog post.

A couple months ago I took my first lampwork beading class and I am completely in LOVE with it. I love everything about it. The only thing is that I don't have the room in my small apartment for a set up. So, I guess I will have to keep taking classes to keep making more beads.

I really do need a lot of practice!! Here are some of my first attempts at lampworking!

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