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I entered the Use The Muse II beading Contest  

Know that the "Use the Muse II" contest is over and the Muse is reveled. I can show you what I made.

Here is "Oceanography"

My piece is inspired by the ocean! A vintage Swarovski Crystal Rivoli is added to the Muse and bezel set in the center. I connected it with a star fish like design on the back of the Muse to the bezel around the Muse, for a little more interest. The 6 circles that make up the sides of my bracelet are made with a circular brick stitch. I then placed them in a wave like pattern. One end of the clasp is a flat circle peyote stitch and the toggle end is a circular peyote tube with Swarovski Crystals.

Even thought I didn't place or win I had such a great time making it and using my imagination. In fact I enjoyed it so much I have decided to enter the "Use the Muse III" contest. I just purchased my kit and can't wait to get it and start beading away.

I have chosen not to sell my bracelet but to keep it for myself. I think I will be keeping the creation from the next "Use the Muse" contest. This is the only way I can wear my own jewelry. I never seem to find the time to make myself one of my own bracelets.

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