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Peacock Earrings  

Ok, I haven't listed or posted anything new in a long time. This is my reason, I have been working on special orders, Woo Hoo!!

I want to show you what I'm working on now, "Peacock Earrings", I'm still working on them. They need fringe. This is something very different from what I do, but, I was asked if I could make them. I started making them, I think last week. It's taking me a long time to do them, but, I'm having fun! So, here is my attempt!


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Dreaming Diva, Must Read!!  

I just wanted to share with you all a blog that I just LOVE reading, her blog brings a smile to my face every time.

It's Jen from, aka "Juicy Adventures of a dreaming Diva".

So, here’s my story of how the Dreaming Diva changed my day around.

A couple weeks ago I was really having a terrible couple of days. I was feeling sorry for myself (I’ll save you the boring details) and I was sulking. All I wanted to do is sit and eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish food (if you haven’t tried it, all I can say is that it’s a pint on heaven) and watch a chick flick.

The next day when I went to work and opened Jen’s blog (I’m supposed to be working… Shhhh, don’t tell my boss), her post for that day was called “Dust off your Diva!” this post was so motivating I can’t even tell you. You have to read it! I have to thank her for kicking me in my Diva tush and helping me to Dust off my inner Diva!

All I have to say is that the Juicy Adventures of a Dreaming Diva’s blog is a must read, you can feel through her writing that she is the sweetest person and that she is loving life! So, whenever I feel a little sorry for myself, opening Jen’s blog is a must. I can count on her for having a post that will change my day.

Thank you to the Dreaming Diva for your motivating blog!


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I Want To Know Who You Like?  

I really do, I want to know who you would like to see on a bracelet. If you have never looked at my shop on Etsy or what I make, please do You will see that I mainly make bracelets of older celebrities, like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Bettie Page (One of the first pin-up girls), Elvis and James Dean.

I do also have newer celebrities, Princess Diana, Ellen DeGeneres and Miley Cyrus and there are others.

What I want to know are the older celebrities. I do have a lot of older ones in mind. But, I want your input on this!!

Who do you think would look really nice as one of my Photo Ribbons or Snapshot bracelets?

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Present For My Best Friend  

First I have to thank Carol Dean from SandFibers for the inspiration of this necklace and the beautiful focal bead from Artisan Clay.

I'm going to the 40th birthday party of my best friend from high school. I wanted to give her something special and really couldn't think of anything. Until I saw the necklace from Sandfibers, I absolutely love the necklace Carol Dean created. So, I decided to purchase a focal bead from Artisan Clay. If you haven't visited her shop you have to go there now!

With the inspiration from Carol Dean and gorgeous focal bead I made her something from the heart.

I think she is going to love it, I know I do!!

This necklace is very different from what I make and I just made it for my friend. I will not be making it to sell in my shop. I found the inspiration from a fellow BeadWeaver and will not copy the idea for my benefit.


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I Have a New Look  

Well, What do you all think!! I just absolutely LOVE it!!

I need to thank Elaine for all her hard work and amazing talent.

So, I have a new logo and have a new look to my blog and it looks so sophisticated.

New packaging is in the works, along with new business cards, hand tags, labels and one of the best things ever certificates of authenticity.

So, let me know what you all think!

Elaine you are just phenomenal!!!! Thank You for everything, your ideas for Pink Pooch Designs are perfect. Your guidance, I could not do with out.


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I'm featured Again  

Hey Everyone,

I'm featured on Juicy Jens blog. If you don't know her blog it's an adventure to read. So, put it on your blogs to read list.

Well, here's the link to read the feature!

Juicy Jen's Blog

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A Poem about Me!  

As some of you might know, I am a member of an amazing community called Divapreneur!
There is one Diva (Pansy) that composed these amazing poems. I just wanted to share a poem written about me. Pansy wrote this from reading my profile. It's the same profile I use on Etsy.
I hope you enjoy it!!

A little Diva gathered...
From her papa's drawer...
The ingredients she needed...
To make something more...

As time ticked on...
And brought the dawn...
Of new and shining days...
The Diva grew...
And added to her ways...

She plucked and planted...
Sketched and ranted...
In a myriad of things...
To all who see her creations...
A smile it does bring...

Earthy clay...
Has given way...
To her Diva hands...
Molding & Melding...
Across these artistic lands...

She has a love...
She plainly states...

A passon that stirs...
This Diva soul of hers..

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Woo Hoo!!! Voting Started for the EBWC  

This month the theme was "Fire and Flowers"

Voting starts on 5/7/08, take a look at all the
AMAZING talent
and don't forget to vote go to

I'm #14 Tattoo Flames Bracelet - Don't feel pressured to vote for me, but I hope you do :0)

1. Flaming Roses by artzilla
2. Hades Garden Beadwoven Bracelet by myfairladyvt4
3. The Flower of Fire Brooch by enchantedbeads
4. Flames and Flowers by enchantedbeads
5. Le Sacre du Printemps- Blue Flame by SalamanderHouse
6. Slave Bracelet- Blue Flames on Rose Buds by valhallaforge
7. Hana-Bi by thebeadedlily
8. Blaze - Peyote Cuff Bracelet by totallytwisted
9. Flame Flower Necklace by clairecreations
10. Fire Daisy Choker by nemeton
11. Mephaestus and Pan by ThreeFatesDesign
12. Fire and Flowers Bracelet by Emarah
13. Blazing Blossoms Amulet Necklace Waiting Room Series 2 by cigarboxbeads
14. Tattoo Flames Bracelet by PinkPoochDesigns
15. Firewheel by SweetFreedom
16. LUCIFER'S TONGUE Beaded Lariat by dawnchastain
17. Flower of Fire's Heart by DantesSpirit
18. Huang by SilverDragon
19. Flamboyant Flower Brooch by enchantedbeads
20. Mi Cala en Llamas by lolos
21. Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire by jstinson
22. Petals of Flame Bracelet by AmethystRavenstar
23. Fire and Flowers by BeadedKeepsakes
24. Blazing Flowers by triz
25. Fire Lotus by hands2heal
26. Fire Blossom by playnwithbeads
27. Flower of Flame by onathousandhills
28. A Moth to Fire and Flowers by PFordCustomJewelry
29. Ring of Fire by ThePreciousBeads
30. Summer Flame by SandFibers

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Feeatured Artist, Stormy Designs  

Stormy Designs offers unique sculptures, art, home decor, art jewelry and accessories.

This is a great shop , you should go and stop by to see her beautiful creations!!!


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Diamonds and Daisies  

Aprils birthstone is the diamond and it's flower is the Daisy.

I just love rings, I'm always looking on etsy for new and different ones. So, I thought that I would show you a couple rings to fit the theme.


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