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Present For My Best Friend  

First I have to thank Carol Dean from SandFibers for the inspiration of this necklace and the beautiful focal bead from Artisan Clay.

I'm going to the 40th birthday party of my best friend from high school. I wanted to give her something special and really couldn't think of anything. Until I saw the necklace from Sandfibers, I absolutely love the necklace Carol Dean created. So, I decided to purchase a focal bead from Artisan Clay. If you haven't visited her shop you have to go there now!

With the inspiration from Carol Dean and gorgeous focal bead I made her something from the heart.

I think she is going to love it, I know I do!!

This necklace is very different from what I make and I just made it for my friend. I will not be making it to sell in my shop. I found the inspiration from a fellow BeadWeaver and will not copy the idea for my benefit.


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