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A Couple New Patterns  

Here are a couple more patterns that I have created. I also sell the finished bracelets of these patterns.

Please click on the image to take you to the pattern or the finished bracelet!

A Second Link to This Miley Cyrus Photo Ribbon Bracelet

A second link to this Betty Boop Photo Ribbon Bracelet

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Clint Eastwood Pattern  

I created another pattern to sell. I made one of my original Photo Ribbons into a pattern. I have only made one bracelet from this pattern. It's your time to make a bracelet for yourself.

You can find this Clint Eastwood pattern in my etsy shop, Pink Pooch Designs

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Notorious Photo Ribbon Bracelet  

I have a new addition to my line of Photo Ribbon Bracelets. I absolutely LOVE this bracelet!

I was asked to make this bracelet for someone as an early birthday present for them self. I thought it was a great idea. I had the Casablanca bracelet and I loved that one also, so, why not a Notorious.

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Patterns For Sale  

In the next couple days I will be adding Patterns for sale. These patterns will be made specially for selling. I think I will be able to get this first pattern for sale by the end of the weekend. I have to finalize some of the info before I list the pattern.

I'm terrible at writing (and spelling) info about my items for sale. I was once told that because I'm artistic I don't need to have the best writing or spelling skills. I guess you can say I live by that, not by choice, I have inherited this gene. So, you can say I come by my horrendous writing and spelling skills honestly. (Just a little about me)

As of right now I will not be offering patterns of bracelets I make and sell in my Artfire and etsy shop.

The first in patterns for sale will be Joe Jonas. Here is a little tease of this pattern.

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