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Everyone has one, here's mine!!!  

I feel everyone who makes handcrafted items has a crafting disaster. So, that doesn't leave me out. Last week I was trying to make a new Snapshot bracelet.

I wanted to try a new face, I decided to make May West. Having never tried to bead her before it would be a challenge, as with all the other first time patterns. Most of the time when I'm making a new face the pattern has to be adjusted as you bead, it looks better on paper than it does when beaded. So, this was no different, I must have taken it apart a least 5 times.

Finally I decided just to finish beading it and cross my finger that it would come out like the others did, "GOOD". Well, I was wrong. I don’t think you would look at this one and say, “Oh look it’s May West”, I don’t feel it looks like her.

What do you think, Does it look like her?

So, here is my crafting/beading disaster. I'm only human!!


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