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Grazia Magazine and Me  

I came home today and checked the mail like I usually do and there was this big white envelope with a very strange address on it. Since I have been on a like bit of a spending spree, which I shouldn't be doing! I just thought it was something that I had ordered on etsy. When I opened it I thought what the heck is this! Then I remembered that I was contacted back in January about having my bracelets in a magazine called Gazia from the Netherlands. And that is exactly what this is the magazine from the Netherlands.

As far as I Know this is the first magazine my bracelets have been in. They are on the 5th page in a section called the "Must haves of the week". My bracelets are the number 7 must have.

I'm really excited, It just made a kinda crappy day into a pretty good day!! Yay Me :O)

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