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Featured Artist Monday ~ dirtroadsouth  


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First, tell me about your work?

My work consists of mostly mosaic at the moment. With mosaic artwork there's a lot of wait time involved... waiting for glue to dry, waiting for grout to dry, waiting for sealer to dry, and so on. Usually while I'm waiting I work on other projects. Sometimes those projects are other mosaics and sometimes I paint or bead or see what else I can learn or get into. Most of my free time is spent creating, and most of my not-so-free time is spent thinking about what I'm going to create when I have more free time!

Click on the picture to take you right to dirtroadsouth's etsy listing

How did you get started ?

Just as I've always been into creating, I've also been into learning new ways to create. I came across some mosaic artwork a few years ago and knew it was something I wanted to learn. I didn't know anyone who did anything even remotely similar, so I started researching online. I found a book by mosaic artist Sonia King entitled Mosaic Techniques and Traditions and that was all it took. Between that book and various resources online, I taught myself enough to get started then continued to learn by trial and error. It's a continuous learning process. There's always more materials and methods techniques to try, and that helps keep it interesting.

Click on the picture to take you right to dirtroadsouth's etsy listing

How old were you when you first recognized your interest and abilities in the arts?

I have always held a great interest in all things art. For as long as I can remember, there's been talk about my abilities in the arts, but I never put too much thought into that. I've just always created because that's what I felt that I needed to do, and I tend to get a bit cranky when I'm unable to.

Click on the picture to take you right to dirtroadsouth's etsy listing

Who has influenced/inspired your art work?

I've always been lucky enough to have an incredible support group of friends and family backing me, influencing me to try new things and experiment. I'm also greatly influenced by the master painters of the past, positive individuals and spiritual thinkers, as well as those who are true to themselves and what they believe above all else.

Click on the picture to take you right to dirtroadsouth's etsy listing

How has your art evolved over time?

My work is constantly evolving. I believe my mosaic work improves as I learn more about the art and materials, and I've noticed that my painting has become less constrained and more free-flowing since I began to explore mosaic as an artform. In working with tile and glass it's hard to get an exact photorealistic image, and the end result is more impressionistic. Seeing and appreciating this has allowed me to let go a little bit in other media, resulting in a looser, more relaxed and flowy end product that feels more like my own interpretation of the subject matter.

Click on the picture to take you right to dirtroadsouth's etsy listing

Where do you sell your work and how can my readers reach you?

I sell my work at a couple of local places here in Mississippi. I also have a shop on Etsy and I'm working towards filling a shop on Artfire. I can also be reached via my blog at or by email at I welcome any and all questions, comments and suggestions and look forward to hearing from you!

I really love Lori's etsy shop! Not only does she have the mosaic frames and candle holders. She also has mosaic table pieces and really cool book thongs. You have to go check out her shop and stop by her blog.

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