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I Finally Figured It Out!!!  

So, I made these plastic shrink bracelet "beads" (I'm calling them "beads", only because I can't figure out what else to call them).

You can see from the side view that I made them to curve around a wrist. I have had them for a couple months and could never really figure out what I was going to do with them. The couple things I had thought of just didn't work.

I knew I would be able to figure how to make them into a bracelet. Well, the time has come and I have the best idea EVER. But, I can't tell you. You will just have to keep checking back to see what I have done with them. Oh, how I love secrets! He He He :O)


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NEW ~ Elizabeth Taylor Snapshot Bracelet  

This bracelet is a take off of my other Famous Faces Photo Ribbon bracelets.

I made this Elizabeth Taylor bracelet so it will fit many different size wrist. It's a 6-1/4 bracelet and has a 2-1/2 Extension.

I used a brick stitch with Delica Seed beads and japanese cube beads in shades of black, white and silvers.

It has a sterling silver adjustable clasp.

Every Famous Faces Bracelet comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and will be packages in a beautiful pink gift box.

You can purchase this bracelet or any of my Photo Ribbon and Snapshot bracelets at my Etsy Shop,


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NEW ~ I Love Lucy!!  

I Love Lucy in color!

I thought it would be fun to make a bracelet of Lucille Ball in color because of her red hair, hot red lips and beautiful blue eyes.

This bracelets measures 1-5/16" wide and is 7" in length.

Colors include skin tones shades of orange, slate blue, bright red, white and sliver.

Certificates of Authenticity with each of my Photo Ribbon bracelet.

You can purchase this bracelet or any of my Photo Ribbon and Snapshot bracelets at my Etsy Shop,


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A Sneak Peek!!  

This is a new bracelet I'm working on, Lucille Ball in Color. I thought with her red hair it would look really amazing and I think so far it does. What do you think?


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Happy Mother's Day  

Glitter Graphics

Glitter Graphics

Glitter Graphics

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Etsy BeadWeavers May Challange ~ GO VOTE!!!  

Go to
and vote for your favorite piece!
Voting starts May 7th


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Pouch by enchantedbeads

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4. catkill cuff by thebeadedlily

5. Web of Life Collar by nemeton

6. The Food Chain by artzilla

7. Feeding Frenzy by myfairladyvt4

8. not lovin' it - Peyote Cuff
Bracelet by SandFibers

9. Ouroborus by lolos

10. Dragonfly Amulet Bag by Emarah

11. Know Your Place . . . In the Food Chain -
Peyote Cuff by SandFibers

12. Plants and Sunshine by

13. Reef by Moonlight by

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Featured Artist, Cozy  

After you go to her shop, stop by Cozy's Blog! You won't be disappointed!!


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