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Etsy BeadWeavers May Challange ~ GO VOTE!!!  

Go to
and vote for your favorite piece!
Voting starts May 7th


1. Food Chain in the Enchanted Garden -
Pouch by enchantedbeads

2. Honeycomb Choker by

3. Ocean Fish Necklace by nancygould

4. catkill cuff by thebeadedlily

5. Web of Life Collar by nemeton

6. The Food Chain by artzilla

7. Feeding Frenzy by myfairladyvt4

8. not lovin' it - Peyote Cuff
Bracelet by SandFibers

9. Ouroborus by lolos

10. Dragonfly Amulet Bag by Emarah

11. Know Your Place . . . In the Food Chain -
Peyote Cuff by SandFibers

12. Plants and Sunshine by

13. Reef by Moonlight by

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